>My MKX powered armor concept made the April 2011 issue of ImagineFX magazine, check it out! That concept was already on this site in its old form, so I have updated to show the concept as it appeared in print.

Also, I have posted some of the early work I did for Left Field Productions' "Mayhem 3D", a noir and grindhouse inpired Demolition Derby racing game.

>Well, it's been a while! I've been working on a variety of projects; unfortunately most of the work is under NDA. Eventually I'll be able to show it, but in the meantime, updates will be limited to what personal work I manage to squeeze in.
>Oops...somehow I forgot to update earlier with the news that my ModDb "Left 4 Dead Special Infected Design" contest entry netted me a second-place finish and a copy of Left 4 Dead. See it >here<.

Cheers to the folks at ModDb and Valve, as well as the creators of all those cool entries. In addition, the concept was featured in PC Gamer, August '09. Look for it on the sidebar...you might need an electron microscope to see it, but it's there!

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